SVSG seeks to ensure that victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and other forms of violence are well-supported, safe, and empowered to restore control over their lives. SVSG aims to protect and advocate for the rights of women, children, and other vulnerable populations, emphasizing the right to be free from abuse. SVSG believes that greater awareness of human rights will provide civil society with the knowledge and tools to ensure these rights are upheld.

Although our CEO Lina Chang is the face of most SVSG communications and campaigns, SVSG was set up as a result of a dream of her daughter Precious Chang – a young lawyer who identified the difficulties faced by victims who did not have support from family members and the community. She became concerned that there was no place of refuge and support for victims. So the young lawyer, with the help of Lina Chang, fellow lawyers and some former police officers came together to form SVSG – now formally established as a non-government organization (NGO) helping hundreds of survivors.

As such, SVSG’s VISION since its conception and humble beginnings is centered on:

“Caring for Children, Supporting the Victims Of Crime and Uplifting the Vulnerable”

Hence SVSG’s MISSION supports this Vision:

“Empower victims, survivors and those in need; strengthen communities; and promote social justice through service delivery, advocacy and training”

SVSG offers a range of services that aim to achieve its vision and mission.

Our services cover:



Case Work

Child Labour



Domestic Violence


Legal Representation


SVSG Juniors

Village Representation

Welfare Work

Women and Children’s Rights

Women’s health and wellbeing