SVSG Youth


By the youth, for the youth.



SVSG Youth are our future leaders, and are between 16 and 30 years of age.

SVSG Youth is a branch of the mother group (SVSG) that aims to empower, support and provide services directly to the youth of Samoa. This initiative is a succession plan of SVSG to ensure sustainability and continuity of its services. SVSG’s work specifically for youth has branched out to the SVSG Youth, based on the identified need for a team of young mentors that other young people would be more comfortable relating to, confiding in and interacting with.

This conceptualised program has now evolved into a thriving part of SVSG also embracing youth who have never had the opportunity to receive a formal education. Many are now being trained to learn disciplined work ethics and skills to help them source and maintain income for themselves and their families. Our traineeship program also continues to establish youth leadership and empowerment for positive change in the community. This program continues to build on and establish networks with existing youth groups from villages and churches, which strengthens the support mechanism in place for our young people.

Services offered:

  • Awareness workshops
  • Welfare visits
  • Employment assistance
  • Counseling 
  • Community outreach
  • Volunteering
  • Church Youth Partnerships

SVSG Youth aim to be the voice of change in our communities and reassure the youth that we can do our best to assist and support their overall wellbeing.

Become a SVSG Youth member and be involved in the projects we do with multiple communities in Samoa and access our employment services and other self-development opportunities we offer.

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